What is ScreamingBox?

Dave Erickson, Sunday, July 15, 2015

ScreamingBox started out as a group of entrepreneur who were working in web and mobile development, product development, engineering and IT recruiting. We were sitting around one night at our favorite hangout, talking about all the issues web and mobile development companies and product companies were dealing with when it came to building teams to develop digital products.

We were all dealing with problems in finding good developers; coming up creative solutions to some difficult business and engineering problems and trying to figure out how to do 3 months’ work in the 4 weeks left before a deadline. You know; the usual crazy stuff that any product development company or agency would deal with on a daily basis.

I said, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could just stick my head in a box and scream out all my problems, and when I pulled my head from the box, all those problems would be solved.”

Tamas said, “If we built our own team with handpicked and tested developers, we could just ‘rent’ them out to our companies when they needed the help, technology or speed on a temporary basis, and we could keep them busy all the time.”

Bereg added, “I could develop a skill and technology testing system that would allow us to select only the best senior level and architect level developers, so we could really put together a team that would be really skilled and efficient, and could jump into any project when needed.”

I added, “If we develop a specialized training program to train them to quickly jump in a start working with an existing team, then they would have a very special and valuable skill set that few other development teams would have.”

Thus began ScreamingBox, and before long, we had hired our first developers, and worked on our first projects. Soon we realized that there is a great demand from web and mobile development companies for development on a temporary basis to augment and extend their in-house development teams. We also saw that companies developing their own branded digital products such as mobile apps and web platforms also needed temporary development staff to help their in-house staffs.

It is this demand for team extension that has driven our explosive growth; and our specialized team building and development process combined with our flexible business structure differentiates from all other development companies.

If you need special solutions for your web and mobile development problems, stick your head into ScreamingBox.

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