Tuesday, November 14th

Join this 1-hr workshop where they will build and deploy a Feature Store model that runs on Featureform and Databricks!

Free Registration is here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/webinar-building-a-feature-store-with-featureform-databricks-tickets-750184781877

Feature stores play a pivotal role in streamlining machine learning workflows for data scientists. They centralize and standardize feature engineering, ensuring consistent and reusable features across models. This not only accelerates model development and deployment but also enhances model accuracy and reproducibility. By addressing challenges like data fragmentation and inconsistency, feature stores optimize the ML lifecycle.

What We’ll Cover:

* Define and register datasets, transformations, features, and labels in Featureform

* Train and deploy a model that utilizes both batch and on-demand features

What is Featureform:

Featureform is a virtual feature store that enables data scientists to define, manage, and serve their ML model’s features. It sits atop existing infrastructure, transforming it to function like a traditional feature store. By using Featureform, data science teams can enhance collaboration, organize experimentation, facilitate deployment, increase reliability, and ensure compliance. It allows for standardized definitions of transformations, features, labels, and training sets, making them easily shareable and understandable across teams. Additionally, Featureform is designed to work with both individual data scientists and large enterprise teams, providing a centralized repository for machine learning resources.

Check out an open-source Feature Store here: https://github.com/featureform/featureform

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