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Marketing ScreamingBox, Wednesday, July 20, 2020

Experience Makers Live

On July 22–23, learn to adapt to today’s digital world at this new virtual event.

A new business reality requires a new kind of leader

Join us for this global event, dedicated to helping you become an Experience Maker — a leader who creates inclusive digital experiences now and for our future. Engage in conversations with leaders and peers and get tangible takeaways on how to raise the bar and create long-term business success.

Day 1 – Creating Opportunities

Digital Agility,Commerce best practices and New B2B strategies

Hear inspirational stories, get access to the latest tech in commerce and B2B marketing, and learn real-world applications – so you can tackle today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Day 2 – Building Customer Confidence

Industry lessons learned, Faster digital transformation, and Building customer confidence.

Learn best practices and create a vision for your company as part of a vibrant community that understands business continuity and customer care, so when change happens, you can lead the way

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