Upcoming Event – React Summit 2022

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, June 22, 2022

React Summit is an annual conference on all things React, gathering thousands of Front-end and Full-stack engineers from around the world.

Originally exclusively in-person, React Summit now offers a hybrid format with both remote and in-person participation.

The first day to be streamed from the Amsterdam venue including hybrid networking features and interactive entertainment; and second day, as well as the numerous free workshops, streamed to the global audience online.

Please mind that the live stream & in-person program are identical in content, however, each starts at a different time.

The in-person program starts at 9:00 CEST whereas the live stream starts at 13:00 CEST.

Pro Workshops

In-person workshops – June 13-15.

Remote workshops – during the whole month of June.

Get training from the best instructors at our workshops on React Advanced, TypeScript, Remix, TailwindCSS and more!


+ Remote Day

Friday, June 17

Join us in Amsterdam or watch online. There will be lots of hybrid networking and inclusive interactivity!

Hangout Day

Saturday, June 18

Experience Amsterdam with new & old friends during our boat and walking tours!

Remote Day

Tuesday, June 21

Streaming of both tracks, speaker QnA’s, discussion rooms and one more afterparty!

There are many free sessions or You can purchase tickets here 


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