Upcoming Event – React Brussels 2022

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, October 22, 2022

Taking place at BluePoint Brussels Venue Or Online next October 14th. This year’s Conf will be all about what to expect next in web, mobile and software development.

Talks about the trendiest tech and skills from some of the brightest minds in the ReactJS realm will be on agenda, and new geeky encounters will surely emerge from the in-person vibe and experience. Junior or senior, front-end or fullstack; everyone is invited to join this Belgian fest, ensuring learning, relish and party to last long beyond the conference itself.

Connect with International speakers from global companies such as Rosa, Medallia, Postman, Northwestern Mutual, XATA, Stately, Microsoft and more.

Expect insights into:

Playwright Web App Testing, Remix for UX & DevX enhancement, Effects simplification in React apps, Suspense for Data Fetching, Concurrent React deep dive, Astro for less JS and more pace, An Architectural Case Study: WebVR Karaoke, and more.

To get tickets go to: https://www.react.brussels/#tickets

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