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Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, February 22, 2022

On February 9th at 9:40 PST David Levai from ScreamingBox will have an online session presentation at the JS World Conference about building production ready apps.

His talk titled “How To Build Truly Production Ready Apps”, will feature a deep discussion on what are the key areas that developers need to focus on and prioritize when it comes to releasing production ready apps. The main discussion includes what should a developer take care of besides just development, such as onboarding emails for users, error handling, micro-interactions, meaningful empty states and error state, handling scaling and server costs. In addition, David will be discussing what tools such as low-code solutions, and third-party services to speed up and build MVPs faster like CRM, customer support, hosted authentication, billing, logging, error reporting, analytics, status page, etc. 

JS World ALL VIRTUAL Conference is the Largest JavaScript Conference: 40+ JavaScript Leaders Speaking, and FREE workshops, 3000+ Attendees & Global Audiences from 50+ Countries. 

JSWORLD Conference (Frontend Developer Love) is 3 Full Days of Talks from 40+ Global Javascript Leaders from around the world taking place virtually from 9-11 February 2022 

Join fellow Javascript Frontend Developers virtually attending from around the world for the Largest Javascript Conference in the Netherlands. They will host over 3,000 People tuning in from 50+ Countries around the World during this 3 Day Celebration of Javascript.

You can contact David at: david.levai@screamingbox.com

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