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Marketing ScreamingBox, Wednesday, August 20, 2020

ScreamingBox, an expert in remote work, has set-up its company as a flexible remote work-based model and has seven years of experience running a successful and flourishing remote business. With over 150 developers, project managers and QA personnel in our pool, ScreamingBox has an extensive workforce offering customizable remote work for any business ranging from start-ups, R&D labs, SMB’s, and Enterprise companies. ScreamingBox has emerged as an expert in remote work, excelling at the ability to help companies create an environment that is unique to them.

Why could your company use ScreamingBox’s remote consulting services?

Coronavirus has hit businesses in a dramatic and unexpected way, some negative and some positive, depending on the industry, size, and regional situation. Unfortunately, some companies might be on the verge of closing permanently.

Businesses are now attempting to handle the economic effects of this dramatic turn of events, shifting from being in an office everyday to working from home. Many businesses are coping with a loss of revenue, shifting revenue streams, or a large increase in certain revenue channels. This is affecting many areas, including marketing, sales, distribution, supply chain, production, and infrastructure.

Today, workers who once worked in offices are now adjusting to working remotely, which is leading to disorganization, low productivity, and miscommunication within teams. Managing remote workers can be difficult for those who are not accustomed to a virtual office. It requires a unique management style that is different from an in-office environment. Also, utilizing the proper tools and programs is a necessity in this situation and many companies do not know where to begin and what programs or activities to implement.

How ScreamingBox Can Help?


ScreamingBox offers variable consulting opportunities to allow your company to adjust to this abrupt change. ScreamingBox offers consulting on how to maximize productivity from remote teams, adjust product development strategies, strengthen eCommerce platforms, and shift digital marketing strategies. Implementing A.I. and automation is a method to increase productivity of remote workers, and ScreamingBox specializes in incorporating this into businesses.

ScreamingBox’s business has been completely remote and virtual from the beginning because it saw the value of this business set-up from its onset. The company is experienced in running this type of business, managing it, and working with employees who are spread across the globe, in multiple time zones. ScreamingBox brings its experience and know-how through its consulting services to companies that are now adjusting or struggling to run their businesses completely remote and virtual.


There has been a dramatic shift in how businesses operate, especially retail and B2B businesses. These companies previously had face-to-face based sales channels, and all marketing and efforts were focused on this type of marketing. This has all shifted to an on-line presence, and ScreamingBox’s marketing team is specialized in developing online marketing campaigns that drive sales via remote and AI driven technologies. Shifting your marketing focus will enable your company to be successful and adjust to the rapidly changing environment.  


Remote development work is difficult to implement and sustain at a high level for the full term. Traditionally, productivity rates decrease over time and communication troubles increase exponentially as the team expands, especially in a remote work environment. With ScreamingBox’s extensive expertise in this area, its developers provide support and assist newly remote in-house development teams. Its in-house remote teams can assist with increasing productivity rates and provide consulting about best practices and technology platforms for remote development, in order to quickly increase overall productivity and quality of the team’s development work.


Due to the in-office working environment, people have become accustomed to face-to-face interactions and communications, simply walking over to one’s desk and starting a conversation. This has dramatically changed, resulting in employees attempting to adapt to remote communication via the phone and internet. The current remote situation has caused companies to continuously implement changes, causing a hindrance in communication resulting in confusion and frustration. ScreamingBox developers understand this and can quickly analyze and assess a team’s infrastructure platform, and then recommend improvements to workflows, introducing or changing a technology platform or developing a fix, A.I. solution, or an automation application.


ScreamingBox truly understands remote work, team motivation, communication, and workflow changes, and can harness new technologies to simplify, automate, and help remote workers to be more productive.

How Does ScreamingBox Choose Its Remote Employees?

Even though ScreamingBox’s employees are remote, the vetting process for choosing the very best employees never wavers. The communication between the team is extremely high, allowing for efficient work and on-time project completion. 

The company’s team covers various time zones, allowing our clients greater flexibility in creating exactly what suits their needs, whether located in Europe or in the U.S. The quality of ScreamingBox developers and employees is critical and each developer goes through a rigorous verification of skills and testing program. All developers receive an HR check, which includes a motivation and personality based interview and a background check, communications testing (an English verbal and written assessment), a technical assessment, and a ScreamingBox customized personality behavior assessment (PBA). ScreamingBox created its own PBA assessment to ensure clients are matched with the best developers for the required projects and enables a great client-developer work dynamic.

A ScreamingBox remote-based team is no different than the traditional, out-dated in-office teams. ScreamingBox has excelled because while other companies are trying to catch-up to the new work-from-home requirements many governments and businesses have set, ScreamingBox is functioning as business as usual with absolutely no downtime.

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