The Box is Opening Up for Business

Dave Erickson, Wednesday, July 20, 2020

For the last 5 years, we have been focused on growing our business, building our infrastructure and providing the highest possible service to our clients and developers. This has been an extremely busy time, and like any self funded business our priorities and focus don’t always allow us to do everything we would like to do.

This blog is an example, and now that the world has changed; our business model of focusing on meeting people in person and growing our business with the personal connections has to change with it. Thus we are now going to post more to our blog to help get the word out of all the things we are doing and the great people we have at ScreamingBox.

We are excited about the future, and we at ScreamingBox have been working from a virtual business position from the beginning of our business. As many companies are now finding out, running a remote business is not as easy as you would think. Loss of productivity, communication issues and difficulty in maintaining connection are all things that all businesses are now dealing with. Fortunately, we have grown our company dealing with these things from the beginning, and are now remote experts.

Since our focus was personal meetings, our website and this blog were a little neglected over the years. Now that we are having to focus on digital sales outreach; we are now able to to give the website a refresh to update it with our new services and success stories. This blog will be seeing a flow of content that we will be using in our digital marketing and the telling our our story. This Box is Opening Up for Business.

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