Have a hard time fluently speaking English? Don’t worry, there is now a new tool that can make you sound like a Million Dollars! This App uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help your pronunciation, grammar and speaking of English with others.

In this podcast Dave Erickson and Botond Seres are going to try to understand language fluency with guest Ido Cohen – CEO of fluento.ai

Leading up to founding Fluento.ai, Ido was VP of Products for Dreamdata after working for Permutive and Microsoft on product development. He is also a mentor on Plato, helping product professionals at different levels build their careers and helping them focus on collaboration, prioritization, roadmap building vision and leadership skills. 

Ido’s latest product is Fluento.ai, which is here to assist you throughout your English fluency journey – and creates a similar learning situation as if you were in an English class.

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