How to grow your Start-up and jump start your sales! What is your company’s business culture and how can you use it to grow your business?

In this month’s podcast, Botond Seres and Dave Erickson are going to get some culture by talking with Russel Dubree – founder of Performance Faction. 

Russel is a well respected business coach who is insanely passionate about helping Business owners scale their business in a way that brings profit, purpose, and meaning in their lives. After a tour as an officer in the United States Air Force, and a few other start-ups in between, he co-founded the digital agency Lifeblue. 

After 15 years he sold a majority stake in the company in 2017 at an eight figure valuation. Near the end of 2021, he felt his time as a digital agency operator had reached its end, and decided to focus on helping other business owners create successful businesses that are profitable, sustainable, and built to last. 

To this end, he started Performance Faction Consulting; to help businesses reach their full potential by setting up the right foundations and a business culture needed for success. Today, we are going to discuss business culture and how it affects your growth – from startup to sales – how to make growth happen.

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