For anyone who has managed large or small teams of developers working on a project to develop a digital product, they know that team operations and motivation is a very complex subject. This month’s guest Myron McMillin, has 20+ years of experience in digital product development and the managing of digital product development teams.

Ever wanted to know how working on product development was different 20 years ago versus now? Is the productivity of software development 20 years ago similar to the set productivity that we have now? Is development a “team sport” and what does Myron mean by that? Is there a productivity difference between a large team or a small team? Are there any recurring personality patterns that tend to emerge within the team? What is the ideal team split between analysis and or architecture, developments and QA? Who should be the product owner, and how do they fit within a development team? Myron McMillin answers these questions and more in this episode of the ScreamingBox Technology and Business Rundown podcast.

Laugh, cry and shake your head with our hosts and our special guest, as they try to solve the world’s biggest team management problems in a 60 minute podcast.  

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