Technology and Business Rundown Podcast Episode #11 – Product Market Fit

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, March 22, 2022

Izzy Aspler heads a consulting agency that is focused on UX design, market fit analysis and MVP development strategies. For this month’s podcast, Dave Erickson, Iman Kaur and Botond Seres grill Izzy on the various aspects of Product Market Fit. In other words, how can you answer the questions that all Investors ask – “How do you know your product fits the market need?”

Izzy’s wide range of business experience includes product design, leading design teams and holding business strategy sessions with stakeholders. 

He has run his desktop publishing company since 2002 and began working with startups in 2016. He’s predominantly focused on visual strategy, having worked as a technical illustrator, film animator, and storyboard designer. He combines those with UX design and programming knowledge to advise on the MVP’s development process and teach underlying methods on finding a market fit.

As a Product Market Fit expert, he is bombarded by our hosts with questions such as: What is your definition of Product Market Fit? Can you describe at a very high-level, the basic Product Market Fit Process? Who in an organization is usually responsible for Product-Market Fit? How is Product-Market Fit Measured?

Laugh, cry and shake your head with our hosts and our special guest, as they try to stuff the concept of Product Market Fit into their heads and how businesses can use these techniques to build successful products.

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