Technology and Business Rundown Podcast # 31 – AI & Marketplaces

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, October 23, 2023

Is Artificial Intelligence (or AI) going to take over the World! Are Humans becoming redundant? What will AI do to marketplaces? How will you be able to use AI to dominate global markets?

For this month, Dave Erickson and Botond Seres are going to try to peer into the looking glass to our future with AI, by talking with Noah Healy – CEO of Coordisc.

Early in Noah’s career, he used computational mathematics and software development capabilities to develop automations that boosted internal productivity, drove client efficiencies and improved regulatory compliance. 

Most recently he founded Coordisc and developed Coordinated Discovery Markets (also known as CDM), a technology product that has the potential to completely reorder the global financial system. 

CDM establishes a better exchange market for commodities by conducting all trades at market-clearing prices with radically improved price discovery, lower total cost of transactions and the elimination of hedging needs. 

Today, we are going to delve into AI and the future of marketplaces, and try to figure out if AI can help us make a better world… that will hopefully still include Humans in it.

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