Web and Mobile Development Trends You Shouldn’t Miss in the Rest of 2021

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, April 21, 2021

By: Angela Chobanov Technology is interesting and constantly changing. It directly affects web and mobile development services, as well as web technologies and mobile technologies. After only three months, this year proves to be no exception. We will see many trends influenced by technology advances and users’ demands.  The best thing we can do is […]

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Employee Spotlight – David Levai

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, April 21, 2021

David Levai is a talented engineer with a background in development agency operations and product development; who has demonstrated his skills on numerous and complex projects. He originally joined ScreamingBox to work on an interesting React Native project and after its completion he worked on other website design and development projects. Following these successful projects, […]

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CEO Message – March 2021

Dave Erickson, Thursday, March 21, 2021

This month we have some big news, we have added a new partner/owner to the company – David Levai. David will be taking over the Web and Mobile aspect of ScreamingBox, and has been tasked with transforming and growing that aspect of our business. Last year was a busy and challenging year, but much was […]

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CEO MESSAGE – February 2021

Dave Erickson, Thursday, February 21, 2021

It’s hard to believe that the first month of the year has already passed, it went so fast. So far, 2021 has had a good start with a couple of new clients, as well as starting several important internal programs for sales, marketing, and accounting. As 2021 starts, there are a few trends that I […]

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Static Marketing Websites and WordPress vs. JamStack

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, October 20, 2020

Static Marketing Websites and Wordpress vs. JamStack

Written by David Levai Are Static Sites Dead? Will They Live Forever? JAMStack is a revolutionary new way to create blazing fast and secure web applications (PWA) and websites, all with dynamic content, too! It’s modern architecture that provides an outstanding developer experience, cheaper infrastructure costs, easy scalability (with serverless architecture), and unbelievable SEO capabilities. […]

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ScreamingBox Services Overview AD

Marketing ScreamingBox, Monday, October 20, 2020

ScreamingBox Services overview AD.

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Project Study – Oncoverse

Marketing ScreamingBox, Wednesday, July 20, 2020

Industry = Healthcare Product Type = Web  SB Product Development = AngularJS web development OncoVerse is a digital health platform designed to allow cancer patients’ care teams to collaborate and allow clinicians across all disciplines to work together to determine the most effective treatment plan for their patients. ScreamingBox provided the technical solution on both […]

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Employee Spotlight

Dave Erickson, Tuesday, July 20, 2020

Mobile and Web Developer David has been working with ScreamingBox for more than three years. He is an experienced Java and Mobile developer. David has expertise in mobile development mainly on Android, but also with the cross platform React Native. For games, he has experience in Unity3D. David also works as a backend developer for […]

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