Attended Event – Notion Block By Block

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, April 22, 2022

ScreamingBox’s Operations Administrator, Marjorie Buckingham, attended Notion’s Block by Block virtual conference on March 2nd. Ira Glass and Martha Stewart were the keynote speakers for this event, and there were 3 tracks presented, Personal Productivity, Team Success and a special track called Office Hours.   Marjorie attended “Essential productivity setups”, “Practices of great teams”, and “Building […]

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Upcoming Event – WeAreDevelopers JavaScript Day

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, September 21, 2021

How to Build Truly Production-ready Apps – Modern JS-based SaaS Stack for Indie Devs and Small Teams ScreamingBox’s COO David Levai will be presenting at the WeAreDevelopers Virtual Conference: The presentation consists of 2 topics. The first one is about what should a developer take care of besides just development. Like onboarding emails for users, […]

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Presentation – Remote Work and How We Manage Virtual Teams

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, October 20, 2020

CEO Presentation at DeveloperWeek Global 2020 A few months ago, ScreamingBox CEO Dave Erickson led a session at DeveloperWeek Global, joining other technology companies and experts sharing their knowledge and experience. Dave’s session focused on ScreamingBox’s expertise of remote work and how we manage our virtual teams. Please watch the video of the session on […]

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