In this podcast, we have invited Chris LaFerla, the Founder & CEO of Tatem, a B2B software company redesigning how work gets done. Tatem’s first product is the simplest project management platform on the planet. And it’s not just simple, it’s radically different; it’s designed to help teams love their work. Though Tatem’s journey began […]

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Project Study – APTATEK

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, October 20, 2020

Aptatek-Mobile Android Product Development

APTATEK – Mobile Android Product Development Aptatek started in 2015 out of Columbia University and received more funding in 2017 to establish research and developed collaborations as part of their commercialization. Their core technology uses DNA aptamer sequences to detect small molecule biomarkers and detect small molecules. INDUSTRY AND TECH STACKS Industry = Biosciences Product […]

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