ScreamingBox at First CEE Digital Services Matchmaking Summit

Marketing ScreamingBox, Wednesday, July 20, 2020

Our CEO, Dave Erickson, was on the panel to share about Screamingbox and what our company does. Krisztin Lipardi, from our Sales Team, also attended.  During this session, Krisztin was paired with several sales representatives from other companies and was also paired with the moderator of the event.  Everyone spoke about their best practices and how to improve sales performance.

Kristin enjoyed hearing from the Japanese speakers and companies.  They talked about how to get involved with working on Japanese projects.  It is a long process that takes patience, proof of product, and you really need contacts in Japan and someone who speaks Japanese.  The Japanese market welcomes foreign companies.  It is in need of IoT, Robotics, and Hardware Testers, with IoT having the most potential.  The company partnership process in Japan is like making a pact and is similar to a marriage – they take it very seriously.

Because the panel had pre-determined one-on-ones, Krisztin did not have an opportunity to meet with other people not assigned to her.

Dave is on the Board of Advisors for the CEE Digital Services Association, and is working with the other members to grow and expand the influence of the Association. For this Matchmaking event, he was on the USA panel, and talked about the various market opportunities and how CEE Digital Service providers can approach the market.


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