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Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, December 20, 2020

Cargomatic Website

Revolutionizing Local Trucking With Cargomatic

Short haul trucking and logistics has always been a challenging industry. An outdated and inefficient logistics infrastructure means wasted time and resources across the entire transportation spectrum. Manual processes, lengthy quoting periods, and poor visibility into tracking are just some of the problems that shippers encounter. And for carriers, half-full trucks and inefficient bidding systems mean lost revenue and increased expenses.


Industry = Logistics

Product Type = Website/iOS/Android App

SB Product Development = UX, Web, PHP, Salesforce, & iOS and Android Native Apps


The Cargomatic Solution

In an industry that’s still largely driven by phone calls, emails, and fax machines, Cargomatic is leading the digital transformation charge. Founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and logistic experts, Cargomatic seeks to revolutionize the short haul trucking industry by connecting shippers and carriers through technology.

With an Uber-esque mobile app, Shippers can easily find local carriers with availability for their freight. The app makes pricing easy and competitive, saving shippers valuable time, money, and human capital. And carriers with extra capacity can use the Cargomatic app to instantly find local shipments, filling their trucks, increasing efficiency, and maximizing ROI on each payload.

Re-Imagining The Cargomatic Web Experience

After successfully launching their mobile app in high-priority test markets, Cargomatic was looking to accelerate growth. In order to meet and exceed performance targets, the company needed a completely reimagined public-facing web experience. They required a user-friendly mobile and desktop web presence that would cleanly express the company’s unique value proposition while generating more leads for the business.


 The ScreamingBox Mobile Development Process

With the goal of improving their organic search presence and increasing inbound website leads, Cargomatic engaged ScreamingBox to bring a fresh set of eyes to the project. Thanks to their agile design and development methodology, ScreamingBox was able to overhaul the Cargomatic website and meet the company’s ambitious launch timeline. 

ScreamingBox began the project with comprehensive user testing and research, exploring early-stage wireframes with a wide variety of personas and use cases. Keeping Cargomatic’s goals of improving SEO and increasing inbound leads top of mind, an initial user-journey was settled on, and high-fidelity designs were completed. The ScreamingBox development team then set out to code a high-performing, fast-loading, mobile-responsive website centered around conversion. 

Integrating Mar-Tech For Greater Flexibility

As part of the website redesign, ScreamingBox completely overhauled Cargomatic’s mar-tech stack. With a much more flexible and easy-to-use back office Content Management System, Cargomatic is able to easily maintain the site and update content across the business from a single location. And with a streamlined Salesforce integration, the sales team is able to easily identify and follow-up with high-priority website leads, eliminating hours of manual work every week. ScreamingBox also established a fully optimized AWS, instance for Cargomatic, increasing performance substantially for both the website and mobile application.

Unlimited Opportunity for the Future of Logistics

Armed with a best-in-class web presence, Cargomatic is poised to take the lead as the industry begins to mature. Their new website has already yielded substantial improvements in search engine performance, conversion rate, lead volume, and lead quality, and with a recently closed Series B funding round, Cargomatic is looking forward to continued growth in 2019 and beyond.

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