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Marketing ScreamingBox, Tuesday, May 21, 2021

ScreamingBox works with all sizes of business, from Enterprise to Start-ups. For start-ups we offer several development options to help them get started, even with the most basic of needs such as that of launching a small eCommerce web shop.

When Judit Juhasz was starting her new online business she had no experience designing and building an online web-based store. She began with a WordPress site, but quickly realized she needed help creating ecommerce functionality and making it look more professional and to be user-friendly. 

She chose to work with Screamingbox to complete this important project. After learning about Judit’s company, what she needed, and her goals, ScreamingBox paired her with an experienced senior-level developer, Zolt Laczko, to complete the project. They worked together to plan, design, and execute a website that would launch her new online store, Keto Zone Shop, and make it as successful as possible. With Zsolt’s guidance about how to manage and organize her online store they set up an impressive and fully operational online store that is easy to navigate and looks terrific. 

Judit is now able to set up her store’s inventory and pricing, upload inventory as soon as it becomes available, and implement coupons and discounts. When she is ready to upgrade or add/change her site, ScreamingBox will be there to work on anything she needs.

Judit started Keto Zone Shop after following the Keto diet and losing 30 pounds. However, she was frustrated with part of the process because it was difficult to find all of the Keto foods and products she needed to be successful because they were all sold from multiple stores. She wanted to eliminate this hassle for other Keto dieters by creating a one-stop-shop for all their Keto needs. This led to also helping diabetics, who eat many of the same sugar free, low carb, and gluten free foods.

In addition to her online presence, Judit has now opened a Keto Zone Shop retail brick-and-mortar store in South Florida, where local Keto products are not readily available.  Her physical shop offers both Keto and diabetic solutions in one convenient location. Judit ships nationwide and will be shipping to Canada in the near future.

Congratulations Judit! We wish you much success. Thank you for choosing to work with ScreamingBox and we look forward to working with you in the future on additional projects! 

To learn more about Keto Zone please visit:

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