Happy Holidays and A Great 2022 For All

Dave Erickson, Thursday, December 21, 2021

Another year older, hopefully another year wiser. If 2020 was the “Meteor of Death” year, then I would call 2021 the “Working In the Coal Mine” year. We spent a lot of time clearing out the business, and working really hard on organization, marketing, sales and recruiting. We changed our management by addition and then by subtraction, and as a result we could make significant progress in many areas in 2021.

I am certain that 2022 will bring more changes not only to our company, but to the world as well. I am optimistic that these changes will be good for us all. God knows we need the world to change for the better. The last 2 Global Pandemic years have really brought out some of the best of humanity and definitely some of the worst. Politics, society and even entire economies have undergone significant change. That things will go back to the way they were has now become a concept that may not be possible or even wanted by a majority of people.

This positive outlook reminds me of another song from my youth, “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” Although I and the song are not necessarily as optimistic as the title suggests, things are looking better than a year ago. I am doing a lot of networking and outreach to business leaders and technologists around the world, and everyone sees the current business challenges that all technology people face; but everyone is also positive and believes a lot of technology advancement is happening right now that will make things better for everyone.

Our monthly Podcast along with the monthly Interview Series is a lot of work to put together every month; but we are learning a lot by doing it every month and the guests that we are getting are very experienced and knowledgeable. We all learn so many new things from our guests and internal discussions that have strengthened us and, as a result, we can add more value to our business and client relationships. Hearing them express their optimistic feelings for the future and the direction of technology and the development industry is inspiring.

On behalf of my fellow business partners Bereg and David, we wish all of you and your families the happiest of holidays and New Year’s celebrations; and may you all stay healthy and safe.

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