Guest Appearance – Science of CX

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, February 22, 2022

On January 12, ScreamingBox CEO Dave Erickson appeared as a guest on the Science of CX podcast to talk about ScreamingBox and how we match our clients to the right developers and service people. The Science of CX is a groundbreaking new weekly podcast developed that addresses the millions of businesses that need to learn techniques to compete better in today’s business landscape, by using CX as the cornerstone of a new strategy.

Join Steve Pappas in the lab as he puts his 25+ years to the test to make your business (soar, grow and accelerate).

Learn how to turn new customers into the most loyal customers and be on the mind of everyone in town. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned expert, you will learn something useful in each and every episode.

Dave has been appearing as a guest on several podcasts each month to talk about ScreamingBox and digital product development, and spreading the word about how to make quality digital products.

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