Employee Spotlight – Zsolt Ergon

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, March 21, 2021

Zsolt Ergon graduated in Informatics from Kando Kalman Technical College, Budapest. This is the official technical school of the city, where he learned about magnetic ferrite-core memory. His training took him on a plethora of jobs that expanded quickly and have kept him busy ever since.

For 15 years, he worked  in printing as aDTP editor and also as an instructor for narrow gauge locomotive drivers . He worked on a vast amount of photo editing projects and retouching, solving any issues during the process.

Zsolt was hired at ScreamingBox to work on WordPress projects. Now, his scope is much broader as a full stack developer and PHP coder. Zsolt has two strong business focuses in his life, print media and IT development.

In the past, he worked for both small and large companies, such as CSK Japan (now SCSK) and Graphisoft in the Design and Publishing Dept; this position was dedicated to graphics, DTP, image retouching, and print production. He worked as a developer for the internal information system and also was the webmaster for three years in the technology department of the Hungarian State Assembly and also worked as a developer at T-Empire (i.e. Matavnet, Axelero) and many private projects.

ScreamingBox: What is your favorite food?: 

Zsolt: I like many cuisines, including Indian, Georgian, Russian, Mediterranean, and Mexican food. The Bhutanese home style meals I’ve eaten were far too hot for me, Nepali dishes, such as dal bhat or momo, are also big favorites, and Iranian dishes, too.

ScreamingBox: What are your hobbies?

I have many of them:

I’ve been working as a narrow gauge locomotive driver for 20 years and recently became an official instructor. 

– I love travelling to interesting places.  My focus is on the Himalayas and Siberia and I love those places, butIndia and Iran are on my list of places that I must return.

– Photography: I like the mood and the real character of places, people, and events in my travels. I prefer to travel on lower classes of transport, as that is the place where you see real life and beauty. Playing cards and singing drunk with Kyrgiz, a driver from Krasnoyarsk,and Kazah,a train conductor. This can’t be done in a luxury train. I also travel with locals in India, not seeing any tourists for at least 10 days. I like taking photos that breathe the taste of life.

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