Employee Spotlight – Szonja Odrovics

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, December 20, 2020

UX Design Manager

Szonja Odrovics is one of our ScreamingBox developers. She has an MA in Aesthetics. Ever since graduating she has worked in product because she loves how a work of art or any type of product is able to deliver a significant effect on its users. Szonja is the product manager of internal tools at Screamingbox and also manages the design team. She is also experienced with UX and provides product consultancy for ScreamingBox clients.

Szonja has 14 years of product management and eight years of UX experience in various industries, including tech media, big data, gaming, and cosmetics. Her favorite part of UX is research and turning user issues into working solutions on an interface.

ScreamingBox: What is your favorite food? 

Szonja: Cheese

ScreamingBox: What are your hobbies? 

Szonja: My work, good coffee, playing the piano, reading fiction, and stand-up paddleboarding

ScreamingBox: What do you do in your free time? 

Szonja: My days mostly consist of work time and family time, but recently I started to relearn and practice French, so I like to spend my lunch break with a good episode of a French television series. When it’s sunny, which it often is in Malta, I like to go out for a drink on the beach, even in winter. Summers are usually much busier with outdoor recreational activities related to the sea from snorkeling to stand-up paddle boarding.

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