Employee Spotlight – Peter Zakor

Marketing ScreamingBox, Tuesday, November 20, 2020

UX/UI Designer

Peter Zakor studied visual communication and applied design at Ecole d’Art Maryse-Eloy (VisArt) in Budapest. He also studied photography.

Peter began working with ScreamingBox in 2020. He was hired to design websites that provide delightful user experiences and beautiful #interfaces, while creating easy, effortless, and great designs. He is an UX/UI designer and is responsible for understanding the users’ needs and expectations, while always keeping focus on the main business goals.

We are happy that Peter has joined the team that is working to redevelop our ScreamingBox website!

He also enjoys conducting UX research, user testing, planning the measure points for an analytics tool, creating a Design Library, updating existing features, designing nice transitions and animations, and to consider accessibility for all users.

Peter has a lot of experience in e-banking and mobile payment applications and has also been working as a photographer.

ScreamingBox: What is your favorite food? 

Peter: Asian, Mexican, and Hungarian

ScreamingBox: What are your hobbies? 


  • Building, flying (and crashing) racing drones. I control them through my FPV glasses. I have participated in the Hungarian Championship. You can see some of the best moments here: https://youtu.be/3_Yt1xy7Css

  • Long-range hiking. My girlfriend and I have hiked twice in the Himalayas.
    We hiked the Annapurna-circuit (180km, 19 days) and the Everest Base Camp trek (120km, 16 days).
    The highest point was 5416m and yeah, it is pretty hard and it was a slow process to climb with a backpack at about 52% oxygen level.
    But a journey like this is highly rewarding and an experience of a lifetime!

  • Astronomy. I have my own Telescope (SkyWatcher 90/1250) and this summer I tracked the moons of Jupiter. I noted their position on a paper for more than a month. I want to recreate what Galilei did: to identify them (backward) and calculate their orbiting times.
    I attached one of my photos of the Comet NEOWISE as the International Space Station flies over it! (exposure time: 15 seconds) 

ScreamingBox: What do you do in your free time? 

Peter: I like learning new things, or anything about the world. I like playing board games with friends. I also like to discuss anything interesting.


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