Employee Spotlight – Krisztin Lipardi

Marketing ScreamingBox, Tuesday, January 21, 2021

Business Development

Krisztin Lipardi has worked for ScreamingBox for over a year in her role supporting new business and sales. She is a business development manager working with our sales team coming from an IT project management role and project coach for two years, which has been a huge benefit to the ScreamingBox team. She has supported new business development by attending conferences, including WebSummit, CES, Collision, IFA, just to name a few.

Krisztin loves working in sales because she is a people person and has a passion for seeing people thrive and helping support their teams. She strives to have great relationships with our clients and help their business succeed.

She is currently focusing on business development for ScreamingBox in the New York area and in Europe, and well as helping to develop ScreamingBox’s Start-up consultation packages.

ScreamingBox: What is your favorite food?: 

Krisztin: Everything my Mom cooks, plus anything with a lot of salt. 

ScreamingBox: What are your hobbies?: 

Krisztin: I love traveling when I can, as much as I can. I go to the gym and exercise four times a week. I’m also interested in charity work and am a founding member of the Rotary Club Budapest Center.

ScreamingBox: How do you spend your days/time?: 
Krisztin: During the pandemic socializing is difficult, but not impossible. I still like spending my time with friends and loved ones. Well, I never thought I would, but 2020 has made me start cooking daily and now I eat much healthier. This past year also made me subscribe to Netflix and I secretly love it. 

ScreamingBox: Is there anything that people don’t really know about you?
Krisztin: I only curse when I’m driving. I prefer eating food cold.

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