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Dave Erickson, Tuesday, July 20, 2020

Mobile and Web Developer

David has been working with ScreamingBox for more than three years. He is an experienced Java and Mobile developer. David has expertise in mobile development mainly on Android, but also with the cross platform React Native. For games, he has experience in Unity3D.

David also works as a backend developer for both Mobile and Web services, and has a technical background on enterprise Java technologies and high performance services.

David is fluent in using Scrum and other agile methodologies. He also has experience with application maintenance on Linux servers and app release processes.

Favorite Food:

I can’t think of any. Actually, I can hardly think of any food I don’t like. I’m a bit pickier with drinks and my favorites are craft beers :)


Usual nerd hobbies like video games or experimenting with new technologies, but I also really like going out to breweries and tasting beers.

How do you spend your days/time?:

I don’t really have a regular daily routine. I usually work unusual hours, like late evenings, but it’s different every day. I spend most of my free time with my family and friends.


Marjorie Buckingham

Marjorie holds an associate degree in art from Wake Technical Community College. She joined ScreamingBox in May 2018 to work within accounting. 

Since then her role has expanded and she not only serves as the expense budgeting coordinator, but also directly supports the CEO, Dave Erickson with her 25+ years of administrative/office management experience. Marjorie supports the sales team, helps with marketing, as well as participates in research and creating newsletter content. 

In addition to sales and marketing support, she also handles sales expense tracking for all of the sales team, month-to-month sales data compilation, and detailed reporting of sales and profit margins.

Interesting Facts:

Favorite food? I love Japanese and Korean food the most! Japanese food: salmon nigiri, curry, and katsudon.  Korean food: bibimbap, cucumber kimchi, and mackerel!

Hobbies? I love to learn languages.  I am fluent in American Sign Language, not quite fluent in Spanish, but can get around fine, speak a little Japanese, and can understand some Korean, German, and French.  I need to study more!

How do you spend your days/time?  I have two crazy dogs, Lucy and Abby, who take up most of my energy.  I love all types of music and watching Korean, Thai, and Japanese dramas. Other than that, sleep is my best friend!

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