Employee Spotlight – David Levai

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, April 21, 2021

David Levai is a talented engineer with a background in development agency operations and product development; who has demonstrated his skills on numerous and complex projects. He originally joined ScreamingBox to work on an interesting React Native project and after its completion, he worked on other website design and development projects.

Following these successful projects, David has now become a shareholder and COO of the business and is working as a web and mobile tech lead, estimating projects, all while providing the relevant coding. As an experienced project manager, he is also working on ScreamingBox project management tasks and strategies; as well as integrating new technologies into our development processes.

In addition to his work with ScreamingBox, David is building courses and his own brand on Instagram, Twitter (@iamdavidlevai), and creating Youtube videos. David enjoys helping fellow software engineers strive to live their best life by experiencing the freedom of becoming freelance workers.

What’s your favorite food?

I always want to cook for myself, but most of the time I really don’t do it. The longest stretch of cooking was 3-5 months consecutively, but I learned that a great aspect of ordering food is that I can always try something new. I really enjoy all food – everything from sushi, to poke, to true Italian pizza. When I visit a new place, I won’t leave without trying a local handmade burger bar. Sometimes I have vegetarian days, too, but maybe my all-time favorite kind of food is breakfast food (or my mother’s fried chicken).

What’s your hobby?

The thing I like most to do outside of work is going to the gym. I did powerlifting for a year or so, and have even participated in a local competition. Right now, I’m mostly into casual “bodybuilding” types of workouts. When I’m pumping iron, I watch videos on YouTube and learn about space, business, physics, marketing, world politics, and random interesting facts like “why the Eastside of most cities is poorer” or “the origins of consciousness.” I’m interested in everything and I’m aiming to be a jack of all trades/T-shaped person.

Of course, in an ideal world, I love traveling and collecting memories and experiencing countless things. I tried out backpacking a few years ago and now I’m thinking about living a digital nomad lifestyle for a few years, as soon as this pandemic ends.

How do you spend your days/time?

I usually wake up between 5am-7am and have a precise morning routine to prepare myself for the day. My first meeting never starts before 9am, so I can take my time to hit the gym and walk my dog before my meetings start. The remaining time of the day is usually really messy. For me, I do my diverse work tasks ranging from coding to video editing to sales. There’s no difference between weekdays and weekends. I don’t believe that you can live a fulfilling life if you always just wait for the weekend, so I tend to do work on the weekends and rest on the weekdays, too.

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