Marketing ScreamingBox, Wednesday, September 20, 2020

Co-Founder – CIO

Balazs Beregnyei has 18 years of embedded software and hardware development experience,  including the hardware and interface development of several full custom ARM Linux Printed Circuit Boards for different projects, FPGA based high speed digital hardware, micro-controller based applications. He is one of the leading embedded developers, with a deep software and hardware understanding, design for testability and manufacturability, project management, web applications and technologies, hardware and software reverse engineering.

Favorite Food: Venison stew with strapachka


● Aviation. I have my private pilot license for single piston aircraft like Cessna 172, and I am a glider pilot, too.
● Hiking
● Running
● Snowboard

How do you spend your days/time?: I try to keep a balance between work and life, which isn’t easy since I have a family, a local business (local time) and a remote business (Pacific time).

I usually have extra long work days, working from 8 am to 9 pm to support both time zones. In order to survive this schedule I sometimes take a day off on a regular workday. People who work “normal” office jobs often say to me, “good for you, you can do anything you want,  anytime, as a freelancer.” But the reality is, it would be more simple and less stressful to have one single full time job :)

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