Employee Spotlight – Beata Paris

Marketing ScreamingBox, Wednesday, August 20, 2020

Executive Assistant

Beata holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the College for Foreign Trade, Budapest Hungary and majored in Risk Management at Florida State University.  She came to Screamingbox in May of 2016 to be the Executive Assistant for the CEO, Dave Erickson. 

Beata prepares the bi-weekly Invoice Registry for accounting. She also supports the CIO, Balazs Beregnyei, and the HR department with her corporate experience. 

Previously, Beata worked as a surety bond underwriter for American Contractors Indemnity Company in Los Angeles and was in the management associate program for Citibank, Budapest.

Favorite Food: I don’t really have a favourite food. I enjoy every delicious meal.

Hobbies: Hiking, traveling, and spending time with my 3 dogs

How do you spend your days/time?: I got lucky enough that my hobby became my job. I make jewelry from precious stones with my sister. We have been running our small company for over 10 years and we love it.

I am very glad that I have the opportunity to work for ScreamingBox. I love the team and I am able to work with numbers, which is what I like a lot, too. 

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