CEO Message – November 2020

Dave Erickson, Thursday, November 20, 2020

Laying on your back, looking up at the ceiling of a hospital operating room; forces you to consider what is really important in life. I had this experience recently, while having a needed routine surgery, and although this is a common procedure, no surgery is risk free.

As I lay on my back, I could hear the beeping of the machines, and see the sophisticated monitoring and surgical equipment. We have done several healthcare projects and have helped develop some complex and impressive healthcare products, but this was the first time I actually experienced how impactful a technology product could be in a medical situation.

The idea that our company and our developers can help develop a product that can save lives is very exciting for me, and drives me to find more such clients and products for our company. 

Our health is so important, and this is becoming especially clear during our global Covid-19 pandemic; with many people getting sick, some having long-term damage and unfortunately some even dying. This winter and holiday season is going to be especially difficult and dangerous; and I can only hope you are all able to stay safe and limit your exposure and the exposure of your family with masks, social distancing and by limiting in-person meetings. 

One of our country partners recently had a Covid-19 outbreak from a needless in-person company meeting. Hopefully, those people are going to be OK in the end, but the long-term effects and the life risk they experienced was not worth such a meeting, which could have been done remotely.

I know it is difficult, and as much as we would love to have an in-person holiday meeting or party, it is simply not worth exposing people we care about, to the possibility of getting this evil Covid-19 virus.

Hopefully, better treatments, new technologies and a vaccine will eventually end this virus; but till then, let’s not meet in-person. It is for this reason that I am grateful that we are a remote based company, and as such, we are looking forward to setting up a couple of remote events in the upcoming months to help make our new Covid remote lifestyle a little more fun.

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