CEO Message – March 2021

Dave Erickson, Thursday, March 21, 2021

This month we have some big news, we have added a new partner/owner to the company – David Levai. David will be taking over the Web and Mobile aspect of ScreamingBox, and has been tasked with transforming and growing that aspect of our business. Last year was a busy and challenging year, but much was learned and we are making significant changes to our business in order to meet the needs of the present and the future.

David will have a significant role in the changes we are making in marketing, operations, and sales; and we are excited about the business roadmap that we are laying out. 

One of the current challenges that the entire industry has, is the reality that the global COVID pandemic has made it clear to almost all businesses that their digital market presence needs to be updated and expanded. Everyone is redoing their websites and apps; business is booming and now the limiting factor is developer availability.

We see this even within our own pool, we have positions available for native mobile apps, Python back-ends and React development; and the challenge now is getting our developers to transition from one project to another, and bringing new developers into our pool who have availability for new work.

“Technology roles have proven to be pandemic-proof as companies accelerate digital transformation and evolve their business models to respond to COVID-19. We’ve seen growing demand for software engineering specialists, machine learning engineers, and back-end developers across a range of industries,” said Janine Chamberlin, a senior director at LinkedIn.

The 2020 Worldwide Developer Population and Demographic Study by Evans Data showed the worldwide developer population continued to grow by 500,000 in 2020, reaching a total of 24.5 million. COVID-19 did slow that growth, to 2.4% versus the predicted 4%, the developer-focused research firm said. This means that the total number of developers globally increased, but not at the same rate as before the Pandemic, so there are less developers, but there is more work. 

Our belief is that innovation and evolution is the key to successful business growth, and it is for this reason that we are bringing in new partners/owners like David, and giving them the tools and resources needed to innovate and evolve our business strategies and future growth. 

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