5 New Technologies to Help Companies Generate Web Traffic Leads

Dave Erickson, Thursday, October 22, 2022


In working with many different type of clients, ScreamingBox has come across many requirements for a wide variety of front-end and website development projects. In exploring the business challenges and technology opportunities for these projects, the need and even expectation of the client is for their websites to generate in-bound leads.

At least sixty-five percent of businesses consider traffic and lead generation their major challenge. Lead generation, and the flow of in-bound leads has two main components, 1) the technology and website coding that makes converting traffic to the site into a lead that is then distributed and assigned to someone, and 2) the content that brings traffic to the site through organic search traffic or paid advertising results.

The point is, that you can’t simply create a website and expect your phone to ring; you must maximize traffic-lead-generating technologies and content flow.

For this article, since we are a development company, we are going to focus on some technologies that developers and business can use and integrate into their websites to help them convert website traffic into in-bound leads.

With the right technologies, marketing becomes fulfilling as a lead flow is generated for a business. Here are 5 technologies and SaaS products that developers and clients can use to help convert traffic into leads for any type of business:


TrustPulse is a lead-generating social proof notification plugin technology and one of the best on the market. The technology helps you build that much-needed trust with your client base, thus improving conversion rates.

With TrustPulse, you can add social proof notifications, one of the most effective, least exerting marketing strategies for lead generation. It shows you notifications of activities (including newsletter signups and viewing or buying products) of real people on your website.

You can build trust with visitors by displaying real-time activities from real human beings. Some of the key features of TrustPulse include real-time event tracking and boosting conversions through smart targeting using advanced rules and timing control.

Furthermore, TrustPulse has several flexible design options that’ll match the unique branding of your company’s site. It also includes actionable analytics with which you can obtain the statistics needed to increase visitor-to-customer conversion rates.

One of the most notable features of TrustPulse is that it is easy to set up; you don’t need any coding knowledge. 

In addition, with only 5 dollars a month, you can have up to 2,500 sessions of social proofing for lead generation and conversion boosting.


WPForms is one of the most popular new technologies; it is also effective in helping companies generate web traffic leads. It is a form builder with an easy-to-use interface that integrates simple lead generation forms into your website.

It features over three hundred pre-built templates with which you can obtain the right form on your site with a few clicks. WPForms isn’t as advanced as tools like OptimMonster’s popups when it comes to targeting tools, but it is also excellent.

WPForms present an affordable, highly effective, and reliable way to attract traffic and generate leads to your website. It features a drag and drop builder that ensures an easy customization process and mobile-friendly forms for collecting leads from visitors.

It also provides you with instant notifications, ensuring that you can respond to your customers almost immediately. Furthermore, the smart conditional logic this lead-generating software comes with guides you through the process of creating high-performing forms.

WPForms has four different packages at different prices; its subscriptions are typically yearly. The pricing of WPForms starts with the Basic package, priced at $39.50. Then, you have the Plus package at $99.50, the Pro at $199.50, and the Elite at $299.50.


Sendinblue is a two-in-one automation platform; it combines SMS messages with email marketing services, among other things. Sendinblue offers drag-and-drop builder companies can use to segment users, build automated workflows, and create highly engaging emails.

When it comes to e-mail marketing, Sendinblue has it in the bag; it can be your home for all things related. That includes email design tools, automation, and segmentation; Sendinblue presents an excellent opportunity to turn visitors into loyal customers.

Sendinblue features a customizable dashboard; you can remove or add things based on the services you offer. It also features an all-in-one marketing suite and email heatmaps to help visualize your contacts’ engagement with your emails. There’s also the A/B testing feature with which you can test different emails and decide the one that resonates best with your audience. 

The first step toward using Sendinblue is choosing an email marketing tool. Then it features an email marketing guide to help you generate email leads.

Sendinblue offers only two packages: the Lite package at $25 per month and the Premium package at $65 per month. However, it also offers a free plan where you can add unlimited contacts and send up to three hundred daily emails.


OptinMonster is contemporary software for generating web traffic leads; it gives companies creative control over their campaigns. It helps you create eye-catching popups, gamified spin-to-win wheels, slide-in windows, and other on-site lead generation campaigns.

The software comes with a builder that’s easy to use and beginner-friendly; it puts your campaigns in front of the right people. OptinMonster offers to abandon visitors a custom-tailored offer using Exit-Intent Technology before they leave your website.

Additionally, OptinMonster helps to boost your customers’ AOV (average order value) by creating upsell, down sell, and cross sell offers. It shows free shipping bars, promotes flash sales, shares discount codes, and several more based on previous on-site behavior, referral source, user’s device, and so on.

Furthermore, OptinMonster uses your information on your visitors to run On-Site Retargeting campaigns, thus improving conversion rates. It integrates with your favorite email marketing, CRM, and content management platforms to grow your email list and automate your business.

This contemporary lead-generating technology comes at an affordable price to make it even better. It starts with a Basic plan at $9 per month, $19 per month for Plus, $29 per month for Pro, and $49 per month for Growth.


SeedProd is one of the best technologies for generating web traffic leads; it is considered the best landing page builder. So if you’re looking to create attractive, lead-generating pages using only a drag-and-drop builder within a few minutes, SeedProd may be it.

This software has a beginner-friendly drag-and-drop builder with which you can create several distinct pages for your website. As a result, it is the ideal technology for all sorts of campaigns, including sales, maintenance, opt-in, and webinar campaigns.

SeedProd has over 150 landing pages, so you don’t have to worry about designing mobile-ready and responsive pages. SeedProd has done all the hard work for you; you only need to use it to your company’s advantage.

SeedProd integrates with several email service providers and protects your pages from fraudulent entries like spam and bots, thus strong-arming the conversion game. In addition, with SeedProd, you can edit content and preview the website and how your visitors will see it.

Furthermore, if your website isn’t ready, you can put it into 404, coming soon, or maintenance mode until you’re ready. SeedProd is compatible with any WordPress theme, thus ensuring your website and branding match perfectly. It has different yearly subscription packages, including $39.50 for Basic, $89.55 for Plus, and $159.60 for Pro.


We’ve given you five of the best lead generation technologies to help you increase your customer base. Unfortunately, countless lead generation tools are around, which means choosing the best one can be tough.

Whichever software you choose, it is important to know what qualities make a lead generation tool the “best.” Essentially, you’re looking for a tool that’s easy to use, accessible, affordable, provides solid support and targets your ideal audience.

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