Attended Events – The Restaurant Tech Summit

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, September 21, 2021

Edina Kovacs attended the Restaurant Tech Summit Aug 17th, hosted by “The Spoon”. She had a lot to report about the content.  Screamingbox had an opportunity to take a creative look at the presentations.

2D Metric is a start-up company that has a software that allows you to run a simulation of your Restaurant before you start building or when you want to restructure/remodel it. It allows you to configure the space in different ways to see what works best from the furniture to the kitchen station placement.  Simulations are run to find out which of the scenarios work most efficiently.  This software could someday be expanded to be utilized by ScreamingBox to, for example, build a page showing booths at a convention and find the best way to navigate through it.  The software runs scenarios that allow you to see what works best, fastest or what is most relevant. Comprehensive reports are able to be run to show the best possible version of your restaurant.    

There are many families and friends who can’t agree on what to eat; now they don’t have to.

There is a great need for Ghost Kitchens/Cloud Kitchens more now than ever.  Ghost/Cloud kitchens are located in the middle of delivery hotspots. Imagine a warehouse with many small kitchens on the sides of a space with a roller or belt table in the middle, each kitchen is set up to a restaurant’s specifications; every kitchen is a different restaurant i.e. Taco Bell, Boston Market, Pokeno, Pizza Hut etc.  The consumer places their order online from one or multiple restaurants located in the Ghost/Cloud kitchen and has only a single payment and delivery in one.  The Ghost/Cloud kitchen gathers the order and coordinates with Grubhub, Uber Eats, Postmates etc. to deliver the order.  

One presenter, Zuul, is partnering with landlords to allow their commercial tenants to order from their food tenants. This is very popular in Asian countries.  Many office buildings have stores and food service on their bottom floors.

ScreamingBox and other companies who are spread wide could benefit from the use of HADOM (Have A Drink On Me).  This is an app that was created so that you can buy drinks for people when you are unable to join them.  Screamingbox is across multiple time zones so we could have company dinners or drinks and buy from wherever we are.  The company could buy a round of drinks for everyone on the meeting, this could be using Zoom, Google Meets or any other meeting platform. During this pandemic, it’s difficult to get together with large groups of people.  This may be a solution some are hoping for to keep a human connection.

There are great technologies available and still being built for the restaurant industry.  

If anyone has an idea for a technology that needs building, please let us know!   Please send us an email to:  We would love to become your resource and help create your dream. 

To contact Edina, please email her at:

Or to schedule a meeting please contact her via her calendly:

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