Attended Event – Web Summit – David Levai / Zsuzsanna Kliszek

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, December 21, 2021

WebSummit promotes itself as a great place for businesses because of “Three reasons: incredible speakers, unparalleled networking opportunities, and proprietary software that will maximize your experience.” The Guardian called WebSummit the “Glastonbury for geeks”; The Financial Times “the world’s largest tech conference”.”

ScreamingBox’s David Levai and Zsuzsanna Kliszek attended this year’s Websummit Conference in November.  

David said that there were hundreds of talks about the future of marketing, internet, and web development and 42,000 attendees with 52% of them being women! This is the first really big in-person event since 2019. The conference was the same as any previous one, like a good festival, so much to see.  The key takeaways for David are the next trends: web3, decentralized internet, crypto, NFTs, content marketing, and TikTok.

For Zsuzsa, the must-see event at Websummit was Mada Seghete’s (Co-founder & VP of Marketing @Branch) presentation. Not only is she a real expert in marketing and growth, but she is also open to sharing helpful practices and tips with the visitors. This year during her session called “How to drive growth on mobile”, she discussed how mobile app user engagement has changed during the pandemic, how privacy and data protection changes affected user behavior. An interesting fact she disclosed was that users spend half of their money on Android than on iOS devices. We highly recommend following her and Branch on LinkedIn!

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