Attended Event – PIRATE Summit 2020

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, October 20, 2020

PIRATE Summit brings together the global community of startup ecosystem players and hands-on solutions for the most urgent startup ecosystem topics. The Movers & Shakers Summit is the perfect opportunity to connect with local ecosystem builders from around the world & learn from each other.

The Summit hosts around 100 different individuals facing similar challenges and is a great platform to create synergies for addressing those challenges. The participants host and participate in different workshops & other formats sharing their knowledge & work on problem-solutions.

Screamingbox’s Sales Director Edina Kovacs virtually attended this years event and enjoyed the on stage start-up competition, the talks about growth hacking on LinkedIn, lead generation, and how to build your company page. Another discussion was about what type of businesses were relevant to use for LinkedIn advertising. They recommended that for consumer goods companies with less than 500 likes LinkedIn ads is not advisable because the cost would be too high. A company should have a minimum of 1,000 likes for the advertising costs to make it worth it.

There was a speed networking event using infochat with sessions running twice a day.  The platform connected Edina with a new person every 90 seconds. This gave her just enough time to exchange contact details for a follow-up later.

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