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Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, April 22, 2022

ScreamingBox’s Operations Administrator, Marjorie Buckingham, attended Notion’s Block by Block virtual conference on March 2nd. Ira Glass and Martha Stewart were the keynote speakers for this event, and there were 3 tracks presented, Personal Productivity, Team Success and a special track called Office Hours.  

Marjorie attended “Essential productivity setups”, “Practices of great teams”, and “Building a connected company” seminars.  

“Essential productivity setups” was on the Personal Productivity track. The session was presented by August Bradley, Creator of; who showed how to customize your connections, goals, and how to view all of your productivity on your dashboard. The organization used to build this was genius, and makes it easy to view tasks, due dates, sprints and get a general overview of a project in progress.  

“Practices of great teams” and “Building a connected company” were on the Team Success track.  Marjorie said that the common messages in both of these sessions were Team Collaboration, Transparency and Speaking the same “language” that lead to Team cohesion. 

It was recommended that you start every meeting by stating your company mission and values.  This gives focus to the group.

Since different departments or even teams may have different meanings for the same word or situation, there needs to be a defined language across the board, in all departments and teams.  Confusion causes back ups, misunderstandings and mistakes that cost time and money.  Frustrated teams do not work well. In teams, everyone needs the same transparency for cohesive collaboration.  

It is of huge importance that there is a central place where everyone can attain the same information, where it can be stored and shared.  This same place can be used to communicate with each other on the ideas, setting, etc.  Creating an effective process where everyone can follow the string of events, what is being done, what needs to be done and how to get there will give way to better streamlined work and productivity with the alignment of the teams.

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All tracks and keynote speeches are available online if you wish to watch it yourself here:

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