Attended Event – GNL Startup Pitch Battle

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, October 21, 2021

ScreamingBox’s Edina Kovacs attended the GNL Startup Pitch Battle on September 9, 2021.  There were many great and interesting pitches at the event but these are the top 3 from Edina’s report.  

First, Workules.  Workules is a tool for the construction industry; all trades included.  The product streamlines processes.   Some of the benefits include automated bookkeeping that keeps track of hours worked, money coming in and out, and even materials.  Another feature is to assign tasks, projects and send reminders to people easily in the system. Tasks are automatically added to your calendar.

Next, Gymshare. Gymshare is a place where you can rent sport related facilities, locations or equipment. For example, you can rent: a yoga studio, a sports facility, a gym or even a spa. On the equipment side, you can rent equipment for winter, water, and outdoors.  They can even help you find an instructor, classes, organize trips and events.

Finally, Azufi. If you are a student who wants to work straight out of high school in Germany, you can Register with Azufi, create a profile with personal data, career aspirations , skills, internship experience, etc. The more detailed information about what your abilities are and in which direction you want to go, the faster a company will notice you.  Companies also fill out their information and available positions in the same way.  The difference between Azufi and a temporary site is that you are being matched up with a company that will train you so that you can start work right away.  The work can range from a trade like carpentry to working at a grocery store. All it takes is a match.

Edina said that the event was very lively and fun.  There were a lot of great pitches to see and even learn something from.

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