Attended Event – Embedded World 2021 – Digital

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, March 21, 2021

ScreamingBox’s Business Development Manager, Edina Kovacs, attended the Embedded World 2021 Exhibition & Conference to learn more about embedded system technologies and how they may apply to ScreamingBox.  

The conference focused on IoT, electronic systems, energy efficiency, and other embedded technologies, including the entire spectrum of all that it has to offer. 

The technology Edina found most interesting was the use of Pylon© by the company Tacterion. Pylon© sensor technology combines resistive and capacitive sensing principles, thus enabling proximity, touch and force measurement. Pylon© sensors are highly customizable in terms of size, shape and number of sensing elements, which we call taxels. Each taxel detects proximity and touch, but also measures the applied force. You can tune the sensitivity, as well as, the measurement range to serve a wide range of applications. Because pylon is silicone-based, it is extremely resistant to impacts and can withstand high forces without breaking. Additionally, it can be flexed or stretched, paving the way for touch and force sensing applications not possible before. 

You can see more about this on Tacterion’s website here:

With ScreamingBox’s senior-level developer’s experience, the coding and circuit design for this technology is something we can readily manage and produce. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to branch out into a new direction, expanding our already wide breadth of knowledge and skills. This technology has great applications for artificial limbs, robotics and space technologies, and we think this will be a revolutionary technology.

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