Attended Event – 2021 Online SXSW Conference

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, April 21, 2021

Members of ScreamingBox’s sales team, Idalia Ramos, Edina Kovacs, and Krisztin Lipardi attended the 2021 Online SXSW Conference.  This was a great opportunity for our team.  They attended many talks and classes, as well as meeting many interesting people, discovering new companies, and reconnecting with previous acquaintances during networking events.  Our team felt SXSW was a successful conference; giving us multiple opportunities to explore and learn.

Idalia gave this account of her experience at the event:

“While I was at SXSW, I attended several talks, many of them about the climate, plastic pollution, and activism. It was great to see these very important topics take the floor and get well-deserved attention. There was a theme about not only creating startups that make money, but also that contribute to the world, and what their impact is. I think we all need to be thinking this way, we can only be successful as a whole if we build products with the earth, our only home, in mind.”

Please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions about us, our expertise, or any ideas that you want to bring to life; we are here for you and are happy to help!

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