5 Productivity tools for Digital Product Developers that will ease workflow

Marketing ScreamingBox, Wednesday, July 22, 2022

During the process of creating a digital product or computer software, there are some exasperating issues to look out for. Context switching, tangents, and other distractions to mention but a few. While most of these tend to be unexpected, they have proven to be difficult for developers to deal with. The reason being is that they disrupt and slow down workflows that affect how developers operate their projects and consequently the digital product lifecycle. They make the development process tedious and laborious. 

On account of this, we understand the importance of optimizing as well as streamlining functionality thus doing what it takes to automate activities to ease these burdensome tasks. There are innovative solutions on the market that can rationalize, simplify and accelerate developers’ work to promote peak and consistent productivity. These productivity tools for digital developers guarantee uninterrupted workflow and efficiency.

In this article, we look into 5 productivity tools for digital developers that will enhance any developer’s process.


Often developers fail to focus on the task at hand because of several distractions and context switching. If this happens to you, worry not because Dewo is your personal “deep work” assistant. Keeping you locked in your deep workflow is vital to not only completing your work but ensuring its quality output. This is done by using AI to record, track and analyze your productive patterns. 

In helping you understand your performance, Dewo provides behavioral insights to help improve the way you go about your work.

By silencing all your app notifications and updating your Slack status once you get into a flow state, it will create a secure and accountable force field within your workflow. It also provides smart meeting scheduling, considering your preferences and productive patterns to schedule meetings that protect the time you have scheduled for focused working.


Developers spend all-day programming, seated in front of their computers for long hours and this can be detrimental to eye health. f.lux helps to sustain long hours of productivity while being responsible for your health. It reduces eye strain by intelligently adapting different screen colors to complement different times of the day. Available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and iOS devices, you simply have to let it know what kind of lighting you have and where you are located.

f.lux will automate your display and imitate your current lighting; when it detects sunrise, it can adjust your set-up to sunlight settings. Everything can be adjusted to fit your preferences and work routine, to pick colors that help keep you comfortable but most importantly healthy.


Pi-Hole is a lifesaver. It is your go-to solution for network-wide adblocking. Ads are frustrating and intrusive but also notorious for reducing network performance and cluttering your screen. These are the distractions we are talking about. They slow down performance and waste time.

Pi-Hole provides an extensive solution by creating a connection to your router as opposed to providing a simple web plugin. On top of this, it offers network-wide adblocking. To protect every device from intrusive ads you can pair it with a VPN while displaying statistics to show you what is happening on your network.


Developer productivity depends on the ability to share code knowledge and information in an uncomplicated and timely manner. If you are looking to achieve this, Codestream would be the perfect fit. It helps make workflow consistent to produce quality results. Your discussions about code will be made easy with simplified code assessments and reviews. 

While it integrates two of the most important parts of your DevOps lifecycle: your release process and your developer tools, Codestream also supports every programming language and enables you to discuss code with your team without ever needing to pull a request. All you have to do is highlight a code and type your comment. This facilitates convenient and simple resolution. When developers can discuss code directly like this, it avoids time wasted during red tape approvals.

Good productivity precedes every successful digital product lifestyle. These productivity tools for digital product developers will help any developer seeking to improve their work efficiency, soar to greater heights and maintain the same, healthy work routine with top-notch results.


 You can save time, effort, and expenses invested in testing your code by automating this process using Walrus.ai. It offers comprehensive testing via a single API call and ensures a more efficient and lightweight solution to in-house automated testing or manual QA. You will only have to write and send your test via the walrus.ai CLI. Walrus.ai will thereafter translate your instructions and build an automated test model which provides results shortly.

Output is reliable; the automated model runs until your app changes, and the team at Walrus monitors every run to identify false positives and false negatives. What follows is rebuilding the model and the correct result is sent to you. It can plug directly into your CI/CD pipelines, and pricing plans to suit different testing needs are available. Users usually go for the best CI/CD tools, because they help businesses deploy app-level changes while ensuring peak efficiency.

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