Upcoming Event – 0 to Revenue with Your Project in a Day

Marketing ScreamingBox, Thursday, September 22, 2022

ScreamingBox’s David Levai will be attending Web Developer Conference 2022!. Please contact David and schedule a meeting!

How do you build a SaaS platform in one day using Jamstack?   The goal of this workshop is to make a habit tracker web app with a monthly subscription model. The benefits and interactions are listed below.

1. Intensive workshops:

The selected technologies are intensively trained in small groups on the workshop days with experts from the field. Tasks require the participants to become active themselves. Newly learned practical skills are applied immediately.

2. Practical interaction with recognized experts:

Speakers and workshop leaders at the Web Developer Conference are renowned programmers who pass on their knowledge. Outside of the program, too, they are happy to respond to individual questions and offer solutions that break out of traditional thought patterns.

3. Exchange among like-minded people:

In addition to old acquaintances, there are many new faces. During the breaks, some discussions lead to completely new approaches. And maybe there are also new clients and customers among them – or a new colleague for the team.

4. Don’t miss anything – benefit from on-demand lectures:

After the conference, all participants will receive the material and the recordings including live coding from the entire conference program.

5. Secure a head start, stay up-to-date – the employer also benefits from this:

The IT and software industry is developing very quickly – keeping your finger on the pulse of the times is essential. Only those who learn and continue their education do not fall behind. The WDC program incorporates the latest technologies and trends. Best practices offer optimal models and guidelines for your own project and your own software.

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